Resistance Austria represented by Markus Prach, e-mail:


This is the RESISTANCE AUSTRIA SWAG SHOP for the Vienna Obsidian Anomaly run by the Resistance Austria – Verein zur Förderung und Bewahrung von spielerischen Aktivitäten in der Natur (ZVR: 701755911), e-mail:
It is very important, the ONLY way to get ordered items of this shop is by picking them up at the Resistance Registration places in Vienna during the Ingress anomaly from March, 31st to April, 2nd.
The location of the pickup points will be announced later.
All sales are registered by your INGRESS AGENTNAME. Please save the confirmation mail of your order and bring it on your device or as a printout to our pickup points.
ONLY type of payment is PayPal.
There is NO option for postal shipping. Items MUST be picked up during the Ingress Anomaly from March, 31st to April, 2nd in Vienna.
Since the items will be ordered based on your orders, there will be no refunds for items not picked up. If you are not satisfied with the Swag you bought you can return the item(s) at our Resistance Registration places in Vienna during the Ingress anomaly from March, 31st to April, 2nd. Unused items can be shipped to us after the Anomaly on your costs and will be refunded if they are damaged or you are not satisfied with the quality, so please check them at our pickup points.
You can cancel your order as long as the items are on sale. Sale will be stopped when items will be produced based on all of your orders. The dates for final orders can be found in the description of each item. We’ll return the money of your order minus the PayPal-Fee of € 0,35 + 3,4% of the transaction. To cancel your order reply to the confirmation mail.
Our legal form is a non-profit-organisation, this may lead to a problem with PayPal-payments from some (overseas-)countries. In case of a problem please contact us at
Money made from SWAG sale, will be entirely used to support the expenses of the Resistance Austria for during the anomaly.
All your personal data processed during your shopping experience will be deleted after the anomaly and won’t be shared with third parties. If you have questions about the storage of your data feel free to contact us via e-mail (
For all topics not clarified in this document Austrian laws will be applied.